Monday, June 28, 2010

Personalized Hooks

I'm scheduling this to post on Monday the 28th - the day we move! I'm not sure when I will be in the land of the living/crafting again (hopefully sometime in the next week or so) as we get settled into our new place. I just didn't want to leave my 29 followers without a post this week!!

Remember these hooks that I picked up? Lovely bears, don't you think? Well, I had to do something with them, they certainly did nothing for me, and I didn't think they suited my two boys. My oldest is almost 4 and totally into cars and my youngest is 9 months, and already showing that he likes his older brother's cars and such.

I tend to lean toward black for decorating, I think I always have - and lately it's been no exception. It was my first thought to paint these out in black, but then I thought that I should lighten up a little.

I removed the hooks from the wood, and put those aside. I decided not to paint them, as I liked the bronze-y (is that I word?) patina to them. I primed them out in white, and they already began to look better. It took quite a bit of primer to cover that bright teal paint that was used on it! After that, I used some of that trusty heirloom white spray. Soooo much better. Screwed the hooks back in. Wow, what a change, but I still wanted to do more!

I opened up SCAL and found some pictures on the net that I liked, suitable for my boys. That's the awesome thing about the newer version of SCAL - you can find a shape that you like on the net or wherever, and trace it in your program! I also typed out their names. Printed these out in vinyl, and voila! They are just adorable! Dontcha just love them? Ooooh, wait - I did distress them a little. I am fairly new at this distressing thing, but I think they turned out ok! What do you think?

One more look - I am so loving them! They'll be hung at kid-height in our new place! My oldest son can recognize his name, but this will be great for our youngest to start recognizing his own name and his brother's. We can tell him to hang up his coat on his hook - we can tell him by name, colour or picture. Love it!

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  1. You have 32 followers now!!! Nice work:) Good luck with the move! we are two and a half weeks away from ours...but its an apartment not a house so shouldn't be as hard:)

  2. Talk about a multi-tasker!! Blogging while moving - amazing : ) the hooks look really cute!!

  3. Hello, Elizabeth -- I just discovered your blog. You are so creative! I am NOT creative at all, so I really admire all of you who have blogs and show all the great "stuff" you transform. I just became one of your Followers and I will be back to visit again! Oh, and I checked out your other blog with your two boys and, may I say, they are ADORABLE! You look like your Mom too! The two of you must be so proud of those guys. Take care and have a great 4th of July with your boys. (And your big boy too, meaning your hubby!)
    Best regards,

  4. The hooks look great and I agree going lighter in color was the way to go. I have a great giveaway going on this week for CSN stores. You will have to come check it out.

  5. Oh how cute are these? I love the little car and plane - they're just adorable!

    Hopefully your move went well! :) I'm sure unpacking is the task to get tackled now...yuck.

  6. These are great! Hooks are vastly underrated and hopefully these encourage your boys to be tidy...


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