Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coasters with a bit of Vinyl flair

Remember these coasters i got recently? And remember I said I finally received my order of vinyl? Woo hoo! Talk about an exciting combination!! ;)

I opened up the SCAL (Sure-cuts-a-lot) program and starting choosing some swirly fonts - I was going to do some Monogram coasters (or so I thought) - but then I kind of got tired of that idea. I am planning on doing a few other projects with our initial, so I wanted to do something different here. Again, blogland comes to the rescue, and aided me with some inspiration! I have seen among lots of blogs lately many things adorned with numbers! Numbers, numbers, everywhere! Me likey!! So, I scrapped the idea of 'M' coasters and went with numbers.

I chose a font that didn't give too many frills - what worked for me was Champagne & Limousines - perfect! Printed it out on my new black vinyl, weeded the vinyl, applied the transfer tape (in my case, green painter's tape because I have been over-zealous lately with my packing - but that's another story!!) and applied it to my coasters. Easy Peasy!! Here they are, aren't they beautiful??



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  1. Love them! I just received my vinyl order too so guess we're ready to create :)

  2. They turned out so great! I think doing numbers instead of letters is very cute.
    Great post!

  3. What a great idea! This is going to be used in our TV room as soon as I'm back from vacation.

  4. This project made me heart go pitter pat. Well done.

  5. Oh, I love me some numbers so these coasters made me smile! They look great!

  6. Yep! I love this project too! You've got some great ideas! I love new blogs that inspire me!!!!


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