Monday, June 7, 2010

Some little weekend projects

Recently my very good friend sent me a lovely fruit bouquet (complete with chocolate-dipped strawberries!!) for Mother's!! From her, a terrific mother of 3 boys, including twins! But I digress...this bouquet came with a lovely-shaped vase, but the colour wouldn't go with anything in my house, and I wanted to make sure it could be on display all the time, as a decorative piece. Rustoleum Black Canyon to the rescue!

Also, recently when I was purging STUFF (did I mention we're moving soon - 3 weeks and counting and I am SOOOO excited!) I decided to keep behind this little plastic tray that I had for a few years from Dollarama. I didn't know what to do with it until this weekend. I thought since I had the Black spray paint out, I'd hit it with some of that!

I don't have a picture of it, but a plain black tray was, well, BORING, so I cut out a bit of vinyl (using white dollar store Contact paper) and put it on. Much better!

Vase before:

Tray before (isn't it pretty?):

Here's the two of them together AFTER (much better, no?):

But still something was missing....hmmmmm....let's see what I have. Ahhhh...there.

Adding a little jute, to me, just makes it that much better. I didn't glue it on or anything, so if I want to change it up, or take it off completely, I can.

Those are just a few of the little projects I did this weekend. I'll post later about another one! How was your weekend? Was it craft-productive?

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  1. Cute! Did you use a cricut machine with white contact paper? So cute. Isn't amazing what you can do with lettering? You have a great start to your blog. I'm a newbie too and now a follower. Thanks for the ideas! Monica

  2. Hi Monica! Thanks for stopping by!!

    Yes, I used a cricut machine with the white contact paper - I got it for $1! The paper, that is. I love all things lettered - hubby says you can have too much, but I don't think so!! I'm hopping over to your blog right now!

  3. oh gosh this is the bomb! Dollar store contact paper!!! I would have never thought of that. Hope mine has it!!!!!!


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