Friday, June 4, 2010

Picture Frame Update

I found these two picture frames a little while ago at Goodwill. I loved the detail on the frame, but not the dirty gold colour so much nor the pictures in the frames. So I took them home, took the prints out of the frames, cleaned them up a bit, and gave them a coat or two of Rustoleum's silver metallic spray.

I found two shots (for now I'll use them - eventually I think I'd like to do some sepia prints) of my sons that I love, and a nice neutral piece of scrapbook paper and cut it down to size. I then attached the pictures to the front of the scrapbook paper. Since the photos are a 4x6 size, and the picture frame was about 6x6, it left a nice little border of the scrapbook paper. Yay!

Insert those into the frames, and voila! They look so pretty now! I'd much rather look at my boys than pictures of some purple flowers. :) And the frames...ahhh...much cleaner, brighter...snazzier!

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