Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My first furniture re-do!

I completed this, oh, maybe a month or more ago - but it still qualifies as my first re-do of a piece of furniture! I happened upon Kate's blog ( and was so inspired by her creations, that I wanted to attempt something on my own. So, I started small. I found a small 'organ stool' (I guess like a piano stool) on craigslist for $20 - I asked if they would take $15, and they would! I picked it up, and all the supplies that I would need - some we had here already - sandpaper, primer, Rustoleum Canyon Black spray paint, and a metallic spray paint as well. Don't forget the foam and batting, as well as fabric for re-upholstering.


I was lucky that the lid lifted off which made my job that much easier. It was a grungy lid - a yucky vinyl covering that smelled...I don't know...OLD. After sanding the stool, I primed it with some gray primer, then covered it with some good 'ol Canyon Black. I love the satin finish it gives. After that dried, I taped off the legs and painted the old brass doo-hickeys a nice silver metallic. Much better.

On to the lid - with the lid removed, I took off the staples and the batting underneath. I don't know what it was, but it looked like horse hair or something...shudder. It was matted and all kinds of different brown and black colours and GROSS. Buh bye!!

I covered it with some spray adhesive, some foam and some batting. Next I used this lovely satiny-silky material that I got for $5 a yard at Fabricland...gorgeous! It went really well with the greens we have in our Master Bedroom.

Ok, so when it was done, it was not the job of a Master Upholsterer, but it will do the job! I am proud of myself, lol! It will be used as the future stool for my vanity in the new house! I am so excited!!


Isn't she pretty? Certainly a sight better than her former self! :)

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  1. Welcome to blogland!!! Your stool looks amazing! Great job!

  2. Hi there! thanks for stopping by today. I'm new to blogging too - I'm glad we're in this together. You've been industrious with little helpers at home : )

  3. Nice redo! So much better then before!


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