Thursday, June 24, 2010

On hold for a while...

The Cricut's packed away, my vinyl is gone and all my little crafty things are away, too. We're moving on Monday! 4 more sleeps, as I said to my son.

So even though I know I have to pack the stuff away, I am itching to do something!! I even went to Value Village today just to BROWSE. I swear, I wasn't going to buy anything! Ok, well, if I saw something that I absolutely had to HAVE...maybe.

The good thing about moving and crafts is that now I will be able to haul out of boxes all the great little things I did before I started the blog, and share it with you!! I probably won't have before pictures, but I am sure you will get the gist of it!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week and I will see you next week (I hope)!


  1. Good luck on the move! I can't wait to see what you have to share when you are moved.

  2. Best of luck! Moving can be challenging but at the other end unpacking is like Christmas and makes your new house a home : ) see you soon!


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