Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some things out of hiding

Well we are all moved in - well, the unpacking is still ongoing! I never want to move again if I can help it, unless it is to a cemetery!

At any rate, I was unable to unpack some goodies - some fabulous finds and also some things that I made before I started my blog that I wanted to share!


This canvas I got for a steal 4 years ago before my first son was born. Now, it was kind of babyish, know what I mean?

I spray painted it with Heirloom White, cut out some paper with my cricut, and used the negative as a stencil. Not perfect, but I like it. This is NOT it's new home, above the fireplace, it's definitely washed out here.

This candle is mine already, but the tile I found at Value Village for $2 - I didn't take a before, because I wasn't doing the blog then, but it was a wooden frame with a tile front - a picture of a lady in Renaissance period dress. Love that era, would love to dress up like that one day, but it's not my decorating style. So I painted it all black, and cut out some vinyl - the word 'love', a bird and a branch. So cute now.

Found this star at Value Village for $2. Love it just the way it is. Found the candle holders at Dollarama for $1 each - I added some jute around the top and the bottom with a bit of hot glue. Love it much more now. Now I need to get some candles for them. :)

I absolutely LOVE this find - I found this iron plate stand for $5, and went and found three lovely matching white plates for $1 each. I didn't take a picture of the plates, but they are so nice - some fruit and leaves around the border.

In this picture, there is the Fire King vase/bowl thing that I found, along with a cute little white bowl that I found at Value Village, along with a ceramic candle holder I found on clearance at HomeSense. I love the glazed finish, don't know if you can see that.

Found this cute little wall sconce thingy at Value Village for $3 I think - it was grungy yellowy-white - you could tell it was from a heavy smoker's house - it smelled, too....eww. Sorry. I digress. A good washing and a coat of heirloom white made it all better. I have to find a place for this lovely still, and something to go on it.

This candle holder was lovely in all it's whiteness, but I hit it with some lovely fresh green paint, I love it!

The mirror is from IKEA, you know the bare wood ones? I found it at Value Village for $2. I bought some wood appliques, glued them on and spray painted the whole thing. It's so pretty now.

Love words around my house...got this for $3. Not sure if I should reserve thus for Christmas....do you think this word can be used any time of the year?

I love this transformation - picture a grungy, bronzey planter that was from Edible Arrangements. I cleaned it up, painted it with heirloom white, used some negative images of a fleur-de-lis from the cricut as a stencil and used some black craft paint, and wrapped some jute around the handles. I love it!

Last, but not least, I found this lamp at Pier One Imports - on clearance for $25, regular $100! It has an imperfection in the glass base, but nothing a little turn-around of the lamp won't hide! For $25, I didn't care!

So there you have it! I am sure I have some stuff still in hiding, so I will update you as I find them! :) I also will have a post coming up soon about vinyl - stay tuned!

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  1. Glad you are all moved and settling in. I just love your little finds that you posted. I have too many favs on them but I love love the planter you redid!! So cute!! Looking forward to your next post ~ Have a great day!! Laura

  2. Looking good! Unpacking is a great time to "refind" your treasures!

  3. Oh! I thought you meant YOU were coming out of hiding : ) Glad you're getting settled and back to blogging!! happy wednesday

  4. I also hate moving, tho we've done it over 20 times! Your house is shaping up nicely and you have such pretty stuff. You have a knack for nifty combos.

  5. Oh moving - I'm hoping we stay put for a while!
    love your finds! That lamp is awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by.
    I'll be back to see more of your finds.


  6. Over from Just a Girl! Love your site and the inspiration! I am now your newest follower!

  7. The star is absolutely perfect... I could really use one just like it!

  8. Stopped by from Just a Girl. You have transformed some great little items. Way to go. Take care, another Elizabeth :)


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