Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fabulous Finds

Here are some of my fabulous finds lately....the first few are from a Habitat ReStore yard sale last weekend. The store itself was having 25% off everything, but do you think I could find anything for me? Nope. Oh well, I got a few nice things at the yard sale.

I found this cute little bird cage-ish candle holder. I just love it. It was $3.
The bird candle holder I just love the way it is, it has a nice patina to it. $2

I put them both on a tray I already had and I also purchased this cute little folding table for $10. I think it's supposed to be for outside, but for now, it goes nicely here in our family room. Someone else stained it before, you can see the stain drips and such. I might paint it, I am not sure yet.

I also picked up this cute little corner shelf for $2. It has a home right now in my craft loft/office area. Still not sure what to call that place, because I know once I go back to work in September, I will be writing report cards from there. That's not so crafty. :)

I found this ADORABLE little bowl/vase from Value Village for $2 - I love it the way it is and is making the 'theme' (if you can call it that) to my craft area come together! Right now it holds all my foam brushes. :)

Omigosh, i just found this the other day at VV, too...I went with my son to the toy section, and there it was, sitting forlorn in the wrong section. Thank you to whomever didn't want it, because I love it! It's quite heavy, and I love it white. However, I do have some plans for it. It was $6.

Ok, my son wanted this. :) It was $3..and it's missing a few fish, but you can't really tell. It's very heavy, and I think made out of resin. It'll be cute on our playroom bookshelf.

Snatched this one up quickly - from Better Homes & Gardens. I'll be painting it, as I am not jiving with the olive colour that it is. It was only $2.

Oops, sorry! Forgot to rotate this picture, but it's the same from any angle. :) I picked this up at Michael's - it was $15, but I love, love, love the inlaid design!

Have you had any fabulous finds lately?


  1. Elizabeth, I just LOVE your finds you got at VV!! Isn't it so fun to get these treasures and enjoy what you do with them? Great job and can't wait to see what you did. And the frame from Michaels, too cute!!

  2. You scored! Love the candleholders, the olive vase thing and then cute little now-foam-brush holder! Adorable!


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