Thursday, July 15, 2010

Twenty Questions

I'm participating in the 20 Questions link back contest at Under The Sheets-shhh. Why? Because I feel like it and I think it's fun, and why not learn a little more about me? I might learn something, too. :) Enjoy!

1) Dressing up or casual?
I prefer casual for every day, but love dressing up for a night out!

2) Most original Halloween costume?
I was a cave girl when I was 12. lol

3) What would your talent be if you were participating in a beauty pageant?

4) What do the words retro boutique design mean to you?
50's, Elvis, poodle skirts, soda shops.

5) What do you see as your greatest achievement?
My two sons.

6) What household chore pacifies you?
Doing laundry. Not putting it away, though.

7) Favorite type of weather?
Fall weather all the way.

8) Do you sleep with the sheets tucked in or out?
Tucked in.

9) Do you have freckles?

10) Favorite kind of sandwich?
If I'm making it - basic. If hubby is, grilled panini with cheese, meats, onions and red peppers.

11) Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?
Yes..can't everyone?

12) What’s your name spelt backwards?
Htebazile. Sounds like a witch name or something.

13) What message is on your voicemail machine?
You've reached Elizabeth..spouse, 2 kids...we can't come to the phone right now, but if you'd like to leave a message, please do so at the sound of the tone and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Have a good day!

14) What was the name of your first pet?

15) Do you believe in karma?
Yes. It darn well better be true, I'm counting on it!

16) Do you believe in luck?

17) Do you have a nickname?

18) Are you a shopping addict?

19) Favorite superhero?
No favourite.

20) Chocolate or vanilla?
Vanilla all the way!


  1. Sheba is a wonderful name for a pet and thank you so much for playing in the game. BTW sweetie I was born and raised in Thornhill and then moved to L.A. then SF. Small world huh!

  2. Wow, Thornhill!! Yes, a very small world. :) You're welcome, I had a lot of fun!


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