Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New pillows

I must confess (and trust me, I do this with ease) that I did not make these pillows. I didn't buy them either, per se, but I bought the fabric, the forms and sent them away to live with my mother-in-law for a while. I am not talented in the sewing department. Oh yes, I know how to sew a button back on something, or fix a rip in a seam, but that's about it. I kind of remember how to sew a basic pillow from Grade 8 Home Economics, but only to stuff it - don't ask me to measure, cut and sew based on the size of a pillow form!

I would love to learn how to sew as well as my mother-in-law does. She is a wonderful seamstress, something she learned from her own mother. I am actually playing with the idea of buying a cheap sewing machine, just so I can play around on it. But when will I have the time? Lately I have been so tied up with my 2 boys that I barely have time for me...wait, I DON'T have time for me, ha ha!! My youngest (10.5 months old) is particularly needy, and I can't get much done when he's awake...which is often.

So, here for your enjoyment, are my new pillows (there are 2 of the same)!! lol


  1. I bought it at Fabricland - I think it was $4 a yard or something ridiculous.


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