Friday, August 20, 2010

Too many projects, too little time

I've gotten myself into the predicament of too many projects on the go and too little time to complete them. I so badly want to post something new for you guys - and for me - but I just can't. Here's a list of some things I have on the go:

- playroom wall
- bathroom art
- chalkboard labels - 2 different kinds!
- desk/vanity table re-do

It may not seem like a lot (but I think there are more, to be honest) - but with 2 kids (and yes, I know there are many supermoms out there with even MORE than 2 kids who can do plenty more! lol) - 1 who is very active and the other (almost 1 year) is very needy and FAST-MOVING - and a crazy dog at home and one week left before I go back to work after 14 months of maternity leave, I find I barely have the time to do anything that is not a necessity, let alone do anything crafty.

There are still tons of projects that I would like to start as well:

- beadboard in the powder room
- laundry room re-do
- stencil front entry wall
- make a table skirt
- paint the kids' and the master bedrooms
- revamp our mirrored closet doors many more!

Oh well - I hope you can bear with me as I try my hardest to complete even one. I know I need to dedicate the time and effort and finish just ONE thing. I've always had that problem, too many things on the go!

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the weekend!


  1. Elizabeth it's just fine. We all have been there or are there now lol. I know I have quiet a few that aren't complete either. You are a busy Mom and they will get done eventually. No worries :) Have a great weekend!

    Hugs ~ Laura

  2. I am right there with you. I have three craft projects in various stages of completion, plus we are re-doing the doors for our kitchen pantry, and I have a laundry list of things I would like to make. Three kids five and under, and life gets crazy! Glad to know I'm not alone!

  3. Girl I have projects coming out my rear! Think about it this way ... if you set up one project to do a week you get to cross something off the list and blog about it! Two birds! And let's face it darling, we wouldn't be home decor bloggers if we always didn't have "one more thing" to add to a room! Hugs and keep it going!

  4. Don't beat yourself up over it -- you have two kids and I truly believe that if you are a good mother and spend time with your kids, then you WON'T have time for all of your projects! You've named this post: "Too many projects, too little time." Well, if it makes you feel better, if this were MY post, it would have had to be named: "Too many projects, too little energy" because the bottom line for me is that I am a LAZY person! :)


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